It is a comprehensive, personalizable  reporting solution focused on  Management of Defects at every stage  of infrastructural development. It is a PC and Tablet enabled system that saves time and money. Learn more 

Q-cop streamlines the process of defects reporting which results in quicker identification and faster communication to the sub-contractors accountable for defects.  Q-Cop also helps in monitoring the various activities like status of works related to electrical, tiling, carpeting, services etc.  This, in turn helps in timely handing over the project with quality and with safety.Learn more 

Q- Cop is a personalized, user friendly Quality management system that can be used to manage residential, commercial projects and infrastructural projects including airports, hotels, and roads and so on. Q-Cop users are primarily project managers, site inspection engineers, quality auditors, project heads, COOs and CEOs who are required to work at site and responsible for the progress and quality of the projects.

I was on the lookout for a good defect management software for construction projects for a long time. The wait came to an end with Q-Cop. It had an instant positive affect on the four major areas of construction operations: Information Management, Quality, Safety and Commercial Management . Managers were able to view progress of every section.....more >>

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  • Uses latest mobile and internet technology
  • Easy anywhere-anytime reporting
  • Manage defects effectively
  • Quicker  information flow and faster decision making
  • Sub contractor KPI
  • Faster completion of the project that saves expenditure.
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